40 years at 31

Our anniversary party
Our Cake! 0170  Our fantastic cake made by Rebecca at # 21! Rose and canapes 0142  Some of the wonderful food Champagne 0147  Champagne flowed freely! DSC 0149  Our brillaint catering team led by Rachel
DSC 0135  Our oldest Crescent friends Charlie and Anne who have moved away - sob sob! DSC 0177  Lucy and Liz DSC 0179  Don and Jane with Gwyneth and Martin DSC 0183  Anne, Andy and Ian
DSC 0187  Rob our workaholic lodger, Chris and Rob DSC 0198  Anna and her delicious daughter Edie DSC 0211  Julie, Ian and Penelope DSC 0199  Elizabeth (mother of the cake maker!) and Patrick
DSC 0213  Adam and Andy DSC 0240  Jill and Rob and Rob DSC 0243  Johan and Liz Adam and Marina 0167  Marina and Adam
Cake admirers 0217  Admiring the cake Claire and ??  Caroline and Clare DSC 0235  Adam, David (father of the cake maker!)  and Elizabeth Chris and Anne Spackman 0224  Chantal, Chris and Anne
Nel and ?? 0229  Jenny and Penelope Party   Alistair, Richard, David, Miguel and Martin Nel and Anne 0136  Anne and Penelope Party scene 0246  The party in full swing witha rare sighting of Malcolm
DSC 0253  We crash, exhausted but happy! Nel and Ric 0260  Penelope with Ric who took these splendid pictures. MG 7248  Some of the amazing flowers we were given Bottles 7253  - and some of our wonderful wine